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Buy. Sell. Finance.

Buy Essentials,
Elevate Lives,
Shape Africa's Future

Provide essential basic necessities to support your loved ones in Africa, ensuring your peace of mind.

Your Peace of Mind Marketplace

Easily access essential goods and services from shops which are local to your loved ones

Global Shopping

Choose from thousands of products and services from African shops local to your loved ones wherever you are in the world.

Secure Payments

A wide variety of safe and secure payments for products and services with no fees.

Easy to Collect

Products can be collected from local merchants or delivered to your loved ones’ home where the service is available.

Unlock Your Business Potential with DizzitUp

At DizzitUp, we are your partner for success in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Sell to Local and Worldwide Customers

Grow your business, increase revenue and stay competitive with free support from DizzitUp

Boost Your Local and Global Visibility

Expand your business to new markets and new customers.

Instant Payment

Boost your online business with instant payments for quicker access to funds and simplified transactions.

Increase Sales

Generate additional revenue with no additional cost to you as your products reach a wider customer base, supporting your business growth.

Safeguard Your
Financial Future

Protect your earnings from local currency devaluation and inflation.

A Variety of Payment Means and Currencies Accepted

Visa, Mastercard, Mobile Money wallet (Africa), DizzitApp wallet ($Dizzy), Crypto wallet (Bitcoin, Stablecoins, Ether etc.)