DizzitUp aims revolutionising the Energy & Finance industries in emerging countries through a Blockchain-powered Digital Infrastructure for Financing & Deploying Renewable energy services through an inclusive, non-discriminant payments & finance services for Empowering local small business.

A Mobile First Decentralised Digital Infrastructure that lets:     

Smart Lenders

• Buy and Lease solar electricity infrastructure for African households and shops. 

• Get a guaranteed return on their stake.

African Households & Shops owners

• Have access to affordable renewable electricity and outage free internet connection
• Enable their children to do their homework even in the evening.

• Get financial support from their relatives abroad

• Open their shop at night.
• Sell more and get paid instantly
Broaden their range of customers and potential partners & considerably increase sales.

Relatives Abroad

• Send more than money, procure them in a safety net.
• Pay directly for their tuitions, living expenses, and more.

Renewable Energy Services Providers

• Reach out a wide range of users and regions from DizzitUp ecosystem.
• Reduce their default payment ratio.