Experience innovation on the go with DizzitApp Beta – download now!

Experience innovation on the go with DizzitApp Beta – download now!

Buy. Sell. Finance.

DizzitApp: One App, All The Essentials!

Provide essential basic necessities to support your loved ones in Africa, ensuring your peace of mind.


Empower Your Family in Africa

Support Your Loved Ones

Shop effortlessly at DizzitUp Marketplace for essentials, empowering your loved ones with peace of mind, from
groceries to education and healthcare.

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Lady wearing orange shirt holding phone

Secure Utilities & Stay Connected

Pay bills for loved ones in Africa from anywhere, ensuring they have gas, electricity, water, and mobile phone credit.

Send Money Free & Instantly

Send money quickly and easily to anyone in your contact list and track your transactions.

DizzitApp Transaction History - Pay Bill, Request Money, Send Money

Empower Your Finances,
Just Be Bankable

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Supercharge Your Business

Receive unsolicited additional revenue from diaspora and increase store visibility by benefitting from our digital marketing communication.

Be Paid Instantly

Benefit from our unique instant settlement in your local currency through mobile money, bank transfer or $Dizzy (USDC stablecoin) in your DizzitApp wallet.

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Graph showing how Naira fluctuates against USD -44.92% in a year

Protect Your Finances

Choose to be paid in $Dizzy and safeguard your earnings from local currency devaluation and inflation.

Unlock the Power of DizzitApp

Buy Essentials,
Elevate Lives,
Shape Africa's Future

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