Frequently Asked Questions

DizzitUp is a FinTech start-up aiming to revolutionize the economic and financial elevation of Africa through the deployment of autonomous solar electricity solutions and decentralized digital financial services (mobile DeFi).

Dedicated 100% to the African market, DizzitUp is rolling out in 2021 in Togo, Madagascar, Benin & Nigeria and plans to cover 22 countries including major ones such as Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania in 5 years.

DizzitUp obtained “Efficient Solution” label by the Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation.

DizzitUp provides a marketplace dedicated to renewable energy products and services (integrated solar kit systems: solar PV, smart batteries and household equipment) for the African market.

This marketplace connects:

  • Autonomous solar electricity service vendors (off-grid).
  • Customers: households, VSEs / SMEs in Africa and Africans Relatives all around the world.

 DizzitUp proposes the purchase, payment and rental in PAYGO (Pay-as-You-Go) mode of all products and services through DizzitApp mobile App with a wide choice of payment methods:

  • In Africa by Mobile Money (Airtel Money, Moov Africa Flooz, Orange Money, MTN Money, Telma MVola, Togocom TMoney, Safaricom m-Pesa…)
  • Worldwide in FIAT (€, $, £, CHF…), Bitcoin and cryptos.

Africa suffers from two major economic infrastructures: electricity and banking services.

  • 850 million Africans out of 1.2 billion suffer from very poor electricity. Worse, more than 600M people (50%) do not have access to electricity networks.

  • Banks grant little access to credit to African consumers and VSEs / SMEs, making it difficult for them to access basic infrastructure needs such as energy. Worse, more than 70% of Africans are still unbanked.

DizzitUp addresses these two main issues through a digital platform and an innovative financing model in order to economically develop and financially empower households and African VSEs / SMEs.

DizzitUp is aimed at:

  • African households and VSEs / SMEs to buy and rent renewable energy equipment and services in PAYGO
  • African Diasporas to buy renewable energy equipment and services for their families in Africa
  • Investors including the African Diaspora to finance renewable energy infrastructure in Africa and derive ROI.
  • Renewable energy operators including DizzitUp to list and market their products and services on the African market.

DizzitUp is the first merchant operator of renewable energy, marketing its own DizziBox offer on the marketplace.

DizziBox includes two ranges:

  • Autonomous integrated solar kits ranging from 4 to 30 lamps equipped with mobile phone charging ports, AM-FM radio, Wi-Fi router, fridge, flat screen TV with decoder, fan, etc.
  • Silent and non-polluting solar generators (not diesel) as a backup solution for blackouts.

DizziBox are sold and supplied with all services included: installation, warranty, support available 6/7 and recycling by DizzitUp.

DizzitApp, available on iOS and Android, is the main mobile application of DizzitUp, a marketplace dedicated to renewable energy products and services with a payment wallet managing global FIAT currencies such as  $, €, £ and CHF, African currencies such as FCFA, Naira, Birr, ZAR, Schilling, Ariary and major cryptos (Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, USDT, XLM, …).

DizzitApp accepts as payment methods:

  • Worldwide: Visa & Mastercards, Paypal and major cryptos.
  • In Africa: Mobile Money such as m-Pesa, Airtel Money, Orange money, MTN Money, TMoney, Flooz, …

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