Light Is Life, Money Is The Fuel

Revolutionising Social Elevation In Africa Through A Blockchain-Powered Digital Platform

Be more than a sleeping investor, become an active player in rising “The New Africa” by empowering African Small Businesses and Households while fighting against carbon emission.

African Small Businesses and Households will benefit from affordable outage free internet connection and green electricity through DizziBox solution.

Better education for kids, more business opportunities for family shops featured on our global eMarketplace. 

Involved Relatives Abroad get relieved for having done their deeds to their loved ones in Africa whereas Investors & Sponsors get financial return regularly. 

For The Benefits Of...

African Household

Enlighten your life, forget power-cuts and enjoy outage free internet connectivity

Join our e-Marketplace, increase your local store traffic & take the lead over your competition

Be active in the well-being of your beloved ones

Expand your reach abroad and improve your cash collection ratio & ARPU​

Smart investors make more money, people happy, and our planet a better place

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What's Up ?

DizzitUp is now part of #1000Solutions to change the world launched by Solar Impulse Foundation. We are pleased to announce that DizzitUp has passed the Solar Impulse Foundation's strict requirements to be approved as one of its effective solutions listed. Bertrand Piccard (the first individual to circumnavigate the globe in the solar airplane "Solar Impulse")
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We are very pleased welcoming with us one the most involved influential investors into the African startups ecosystem, Zachariah George from #SouthAfrica as Investor, Board Member & Advisor With his great experience in startups funding with Startupbootcamp, Nedbank, Launch Africa, ...) and business development across the continent, we are convinced that Zach will have a great role in our journey to
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Mobile App Architect Your Mission  As a Mobile Application (*) Architect at DizzitUp, you’ll design and build best-in-class next generation crypto-enabled solar energy application capable of delivering digital services in Africa. As part of your mission, you will have to: Define and write detailed functional specifications and software architecture, including the required data architectureEvaluate applications, blockchain technologies and
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During the World Economic Forum 2020, we will be participating to Geneva Macrolabs "Do tank" conference on "Valuing natural capital to combat climate change" on Wednesday January 22nd, 2020 in Davos. Come & join us there

Behind DizzitUp

Finally there Is a way to Be a responsible global citizen

DizzitUp, a “Sustainable FinTech at scale”, creates a new and disruptive socially inclusive mobile-first service platform to ensure billions of people living in emerging countries can work, learn, raise their family and elevate socially. Dizzitup is a company providing and facilitating green solar energy deployments as one of its primary service, while enabling secured remote bill payments and enhanced visibility to many other local products and services. Our platform is blockchain powered, mobile only (iOS & Android), in order to provide scalability, security and cross-border capabilities without the need of cumbersome banking requirements that prevents individual empowerment at all levels.