Ciment CIMTOGO – 1 Tonne – 20 Paquets ×50kg

83 460 CFA

125.19 $Dizzy

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83 460 CFA

125.19 $Dizzy

Cimtogo, “Cements du Togo” was founded on February 20, 1969 by decree n°69/145 of July 12, 1969 as part of a CIMAO regional project (Cement of West Africa) by the Togolese State and the Lambert Frères & CIE Group . Between 1996-1997 The Togolese state sold its stake to the Norwegian group SCANCEM. Later HeidelbergMaterials would become the owner of Scancem and subsequently Cimtogo.

CEM II B/L 42.5 R: so-called “special” cement, whose commercial name is SUPERCPA45. Its level of compressive strength greater than or equal to 20 MPa at 2 days and oscillates between 42.5 and 62.5 MPa at 28 days. It is recommended for structural work such as roads, concrete elevations, foundations, etc.;

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Ciment CIMTOGO - 1 Tonne - 20 Paquets ×50kg

83 460 CFA

125.19 $Dizzy

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