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DizzitUp selected to join Hyper Accelerator’s Incubator – 2021

  StartupCourse’ s Hyper Accelerator incubator includes extensive mentoring from experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs and experts in various domains. Being part of such program is an honor for DizzitUp and its team members. Get a glimpse of their program  Hyper Accelerator offers a 15-week comprehensive courses that gather many key

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More than 600 million African do not Access to Electricity

2 out of 3 people do not have access to electricity nor other traditional energy sources in Africa. Worst, more than 850 million African suffer from very poor electricity and numerous blackouts that can last days without access to primary needs. Electricity in Africa is remarkably underdeveloped and thus in

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DizzitUp featured in 35° Nord’s Newsletter

Again, 2021 starts in the best way. DizzitUp gets the “Expert Insights” on 35° Nord’s January Weekly Africa Newsletter. On the occasion, Solofo Rafenombolatiana, CEO and co-Founder of DizzitUp was interviewed regarding three segments:  How did DizzitUp, a start-up adventure focused on Africa, come about? Answer: The DizzitUp idea was

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2020 Was Actually A Good Year, 2021 Will Be Even Better

DizzitUp 2020 Summary & 2021 Execution Plan Throughout the last 12 months, amid the Coronavirus outbreak and its resultants, DizzitUp continued to play its part on #RisingAfrica and delivered an unconditional amount of work to make this happen. Check the video to get an overview of what we have done

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#DizzitUp Fundraising Campaign officially launched (Nov/Dec-2020)

Up to renewable energy and/or developing #Africa ? Want to be a real #impactful investor ? Join our 25 primo-investors and be part of this uniquely ambitious project, #DizzitUp, who aims to revolutionize #SocialElevation in Africa through an innovative decentralized, secured Blockchain-powered digital platform for financing, deploying green energy, and

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