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Empower Your Future: Building a New Africa, Benefiting with DizzitUp

DizzitUp is a dynamic global marketplace linking diverse diaspora and merchants, enabling every African to effortlessly finance, sell and buy essential products and services across the continent.

DizzitUp isn’t just a platform but a catalyst for positive change.

Aiming High

Our vision is to drive Africa’s economic growth by empowering the overlooked small businesses, which contribute 80% to the continent’s GDP and serve as its largest job creators. Through our decentralized digital platform, we provide unsolicited revenue and accessible, non-discriminatory financing to fuel their growth and prosperity.


We are on a mission  to build Africa’s first continent-wide, blockchain powered cross-border marketplace for essential products and utility services.   Our blockchain infrastructure allows us to provide unique instant settlement, instant transfer and payment services for the benefits of our merchants protecting them against local currency devaluation and inflation.

DizzitUp ensures that all Africans, wherever they are can easily finance , sell, and buy for their loved ones in Africa and do their deeds with peace of mind.


Our strategy involves building a network of digitized SMB stores across Africa, recruiting and promoting them globally on social media to generate revenue.

Scaling from today’s 3 operational countries, our goal is to expand to all 54 African nations by the end of 2024, empowering businesses and entrepreneurs economically and promoting GDP growth across the continent.

Through connecting the African diaspora with local merchants, we aspire to cultivate a vibrant economy, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

Latest News

Suis au #JamaaSummit, le salon des investisseurs et entrepreneurs de la #diaspora africaine. Si vous souhaitez développer davantage votre business en et/ou vers l’ #Afrique (les 54 pays), rencontrons nous. @dizzitup vous fera passer au #nextlevel. https://summit.jamaa.co/

Join #DizzitUp ’s 45 early investors for expanding to #Ethiopia https://dizzitup.com/2024/05/14/join-dizzitups-45-early-investors-for-expanding-to-ethiopia/

This (@dabafinance + @tafdao) partnership will surely democratize African SMBs financing, hoping liquidity will flow in as well.

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