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For many Africans living abroad, supporting loved ones back home can be a challenge. Distance and logistical hurdles can make sending money or essential goods feel complicated. But what if there was a simple, secure way to ensure your family in Africa has access to the things they need?

DizzitUp is a fintech company that’s bridging the gap for the African diaspora. Their innovative online marketplace allows you to purchase a wide range of essential products and services – from groceries and healthcare to phone top-ups and utility bills – directly for your loved ones in Africa. This means you can send essential items with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be delivered or readily available for pick-up.

Here’s what makes DizzitUp stand out:

    • Global Reach, Local Touch: DizzitUp partners with merchants across Africa, ensuring you can find the products your family needs, wherever they are located.

    • Secure Transactions: DizzitUp utilizes a secure payment system with no hidden fees, so you can be confident your money is going exactly where you intend it to.

    • Convenience at Your Fingertips: The user-friendly DizzitUp super-app allows you to browse products, select delivery options, and track your orders with ease – all from the comfort of your home.

DizzitApp beta testing Program

DizzitUp, a leading fintech company focused on empowering the African diaspora, is pleased to announce the official launch of its Beta test program on Friday, March 15th, 2024. This innovative super-app signifies a major advancement in simplifying cross-continental support for families across Africa. 

The user-friendly DizzitUp super-app allows users to browse and purchase essential goods and services from local African merchants to their loved ones in Africa and also instantly send money for free to them.

Stay tuned for further details on how to join the Beta program and be among the first to experience this groundbreaking solution for supporting families across the globe.

DizzitUp’s commitment to innovation was recently on display at the prestigious Qatar Web Summit 2024. The company’s participation was a resounding success, with their booth attracting a significant amount of interest from attendees and potential partners. This strong showing highlights DizzitUp’s growing role within the global fintech landscape.

By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, DizzitUp is not just a marketplace – it’s a bridge connecting families across continents. So next time you want to show your loved ones in Africa how much you care, consider DizzitUp. It’s a simple way to make a big difference.


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